BCKCA Licencing Program

In order to race at any of the Associated karting clubs a BCKCA Licence will be required. Please fill in the following form to speed up the process.. This form will be submitted to the your club as preparation for your licence. Your licence details will be printed on the back of your membership card. You will have to sign the paper document upon picking up the printed licence card. You can print and sign the pdf form: License bckca if you would like to be prepared.

BCKCA Licence Application

Would like to print and fill in by hand? please download the form in PDF format:License  bckca

Licence Grades:

Grade:      Age:      Class of Kart:

A               15/16+    Formula C, InterContinental C (ICC), Formula 125

B+            15/16+     InterContinental A (ICA), Formula 80 Senior

C+            15/16+     All Senior Classes not indentified for grade a or B+

C               12-15        Junior 3 level-Formula 80 Junior, Junior ICA, Rotax Jr., Formula 125, TAG JR

D+            10-12       Junior 2 level-Canada Jr. World Formula Jr. Rotax Minimax, F100j

D               7/8-12     Junior 1-2 cycles, Junior 1-4 cycle.

Documentation Required With Licence Application It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all of the require information Applications will be reviewed only when ALL of the required documentation is received.

1. All applications:

  • Completed BCKCA licence application form.
  • Copy of current membership card in a club, which is affiliated to ASN Canada FIA.
  • A completed ASN Medical form as follows: Applicants up to age 50 At the time of application for a competition licence, drivers shall submit a completed and signed Medical Self Declaration form . If the applicant is under the age of majority in the province of application the Medical Self Declaration must also be signed by a Parent/Guardian. Applicants 50 and older All Licence applicants 50 years of age and older are required every two years to pass a medical examination by a physician.
  • Copy of most recent or current competition licence.
  • Proof of recent competition experience (e.g. Copy of drivers log card, event results or series results).
  • Appropriate fee, made payable to ASN Canada FIA by cheque, etransfer, bank draft, or money order. 2. New Kart applicants must also attach the following:
  • Proof of age (e.g. Copy of a Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence, Age of Majority Card or Passport) 3. Applicants under the legal age of majority in the Province of residence must also attach the following:
  • Signed “Annual Parental Consent” (a copy of this document should be kept by the applicant and kept with the applicants licence to show, when requested, at registration for an event)